What is time?

Let me ask you a question. Does the future exist? I’m sure many of you will say yes, the future does exist. It will come tomorrow. But the fact is that Tomorrow will never come. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. You cannot prove that there will be a tomorrow. As much as you try, you cannot say with any certainty that tomorrow will even happen, let alone what tomorrow will look like.

So, let’s really cook your noodle, shall we?

Does the past exist? This is a little more interesting of a question, because we look at our memories and say “Yes, this happened.” But when you really think about, no, the past doesn’t exist. You can’t show me the past any more than you can show me the future. You can’t show me something which happened, you can only tell me about it. Taking this one step further, we can say that you have neurons firing in your brain which have you relate to existence as though something has happened before something else.

So this begs the question, if the future doesn’t exist, and neither does the past, what does exist? Right now. And now. And now. Every instant of time is the only instant there is. Time itself is an illusion. It is what our mind spits out when it tries to comprehend that which cannot be comprehended, existence itself. From a physic point of view, time is simply a measurement of distance. That’s where we get the term space/time. This makes sense, as we measure a day as one rotation of the earth, which is itself a measurement of distance. One year is one orbit of the earth around the sun, which is 365 rotations. All units of time we have are meaningless when you remove the context of distance, thus we can say that time itself does not exist.

Well, let me ask you another question. When are you going to live the life you are meant to live? When are you going to stop living the “practice life”? We act as though the life we are living isn’t the real one. Someday we will have the big bank account. Someday we will have the perfect body. Someday we will have the perfect children, the perfect spouse, the perfect life.

But when does this life start? When do you get to someday? If time does not exist, you only have right now.

The secret is, you’ve only got one life. This one.

Rock the life you have, don’t wait for the life you want.

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