Nanowrimo, Day 30 - 50,032 words

Well friendlies, two days ago I hit a milestone in my life. I wrote fifty thousand words in a novel. In a single month. That's 152 pages. I did it, and I'm glad I did. While the story is only 1/3 or half over, the fact that I managed to hit 50,000 words in a single month is awesome. I feel as though I did something great.

Now though that I am finished with NANOWRIMO, I'm going to get back to normal posts around here. I've noticed recently that the most traffic generated from my blog comes from the invitations post I did back in September. So I've got something special for all you people who liked the invitations I did for my house warming party.


Nanowrimo, Day 19 - 34,000 words

I'm up to 34,000 as of last night. That's 102 double spaced pages. Longer than anything I've ever written before. It'll be nice though when the month is over to get back to my normal posts.


Nanowrimo, Day 15 - 28796 words

Well, we're halfway through the month now, and I'm honestly surprised at myself. I didn't actually know if I had it in me to keep going through this project. I'm up to 87 pages in just 15 short days, and on chapter 5 of the story. It's looking like I'm about 1/5th of the way through the story, which means that at the rate i'm going I'll be up to over 400 pages by the time this is done. Granted, I'll only be at 160 by the end of the month, but 160 pages in a single month is not something at which to scoff. That means though, at the rate I'm going I should finish sometime in mid January. I'll hold myself to that schedule for the moment, and we'll see what pans out.

For now though, no excerpt for today. You'll need to email me for a manuscript. Just send the email to the[dot]mystern[at]gmail[dot]com


Nanowrimo, Day 12/13 - 22610 words

It's midnight here, so I don't know if it's day 12 or 13, but I do know that I'm done writing for the night. I've committed myself to hitting 30585 words before Monday morning, so the weekend should be interesting to say the least.

It's weirdly awesome watching a story unfold as you write. It started as just words and grew into an actual story, and now it's becoming a book. I'm already starting chapter 4, and have 67 pages. How awesome is that? Full of awesome, that's how much.

Anyway, here's a short excerpt of what I've written today:

The knife stuck solidly into the log and the now headless body of the chicken began flapping wildly. Having seen this happen when Arianna had killed the chicken, Avery quickly attempted to grab hold of the feet. Unfortunately, as he was attempting to grab the feet, the wings of the chicken spread and it rolled onto the ground. Laughter erupted around Avery as he attempted to catch the headless chicken. Flopping and rolling just out of his grasp, Avery felt something deep within his gut. There was something wrong with the movements of this chicken. As he watched it carefully, for the second time that day, the world seemed to slow to a crawl.
Looking at all aspects of the chicken as it danced, he realized the reason the movements seemed unnatural. Tracing the form of the chicken, Avery saw a slight wavering, as though heat were emanating from the chicken. Upon closer inspection, Avery realized that the source of the wavering lines of force was Thyme. Though he stood with a passive expression on his face, Thyme’s intense eyes watched the chicken.
Though all others surrounding Avery were watching the chicken, it suddenly became apparent to Avery that Thyme was casting a spell on this chicken, causing it to dance. Looking at the nature of the spell, Avery saw that the chicken moved every time the wizard’s eyes moved. Like a puppet on strings, the chicken moved to wherever Thyme looked next. While all other eyes followed the movement of the chicken, the chicken followed the movement of Thyme’s eyes.


Nanowrimo, Day 10 - 18,461 words, Blocks

I know it's day 11 bitches, so shut up. I didn't get finished writing last night until midnight. I'm at a point right now where I've run into a slight writers block. While I managed to struggle past it and catch up on my word count, I have to say writers block sucks. I will say that I'm a little surprised that my first bout of writers block didn't occur until a full 50 pages into the story. That's a good thing right?

So I've gotten more people on board with reading my little novel, and everyone's saying it has potential. I'm holding out until it gets a little farther along myself. In any case, here's a paragraph of what I've written recently.

Giddy at the prospect of the violence he was about to cause; Ethan’s shape began to lose solidity. As he strode forward he reached his left hand out to grasp the oracle’s throat. Smiling at the terror on her face, he reached his right hand and phased it through her chest. As the warmth of her body touched his hand he could feel the blood rushing from her chest. Ethan’s hand followed the flow of blood to the source.
The oracle gasped as the Shade closed his hand around her beating heart.
“Tell me what you know,” he hissed.
Swallowing hard, she shook her head back and forth.
Ethan smiled evilly as he allowed his hand to regain some of its substance. An ear shattering shriek filled the room as the Oracle felt Ethan’s hand begin to push her flesh out of the way.
“I’ll ask you again oracle. Tell me what you know of the prophecy.”
The oracle shook her head once more and somehow gained the strength to say, “The knowledge I have will never be shared with you. You will be defeated Shade. You’re nothing more than a pawn yourself, and you’ll soon be sacrificed by your master to further his cause.”