James Patrick Caviezel Jr. has stolen all the black paper (because he hates me)

The time has come, friendlies. After almost exactly one year from starting the process, Mystern has the date set for the house warming party. You're all invited of course, just send an email to Mystern asking for an invite.

So it was, Mystern made the invitations last night. Because it's going to be a swanky party, full of awesome, Mystern wanted to have uber nice invitations. But Mr James Patrick Caviezel Jr had other plans.

You remember the movie Count of Monte Cristo (2002), in which James Patrick Caviezel played Edmond Dantes? It's an amazing move, and Mystern would highly recommend it. As part of the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes (Jim Caviezel) essentially bought the title of Count.

After becoming a count, he plans a party to announce his arrival to France. It was this party which inspired Mystern's plan. James P. Caviezel (playing Edmond Dantes) sends out invitations. These swanky invites appear in black envelopes, with the actual invitations appearing on black paper.

Mystern wanted to model his invitations after The Count of Monte Cristo, James Patrick Caviezel. He quickly found though, that James P. Caviezel would not be copied.

Some may blame it on the fact that ink nowadays is translucent, allowing the color behind the ink to show through. Mystern knows better though. Mystern knows it's James P. Caviezel specifically thwarting him. James Patrick Caviezel Jr. (playing Edmond Dantes) refuses to allow anyone to show him up, and thus has purchased the entire world stock of black paper.

This is most definitely not the first time he has had problems. This time though, Mystern decided to get even, and made better invitations!

Yes. That's sealing wax. It may not be on black paper, but James Patrick Caviezel Jr. didn't have a seal on his invitations.


  1. I'd love to come....if you didn't live in Utah. ;)

  2. There's nothing wrong with Utah! It's a beautiful place.